These rules of engagement and code of conduct will stay in force with effect from 2018 season.


The International Cricket Councils Standard T20 International match playing conditions apply for the Toronto City Cricket League with the following exceptions

Twenty-Five Over Format (25)

TCCC Cricket league’s mission is to maximize participation in the matches. All matches will be a twenty-five over a side (25) match. Each bowler will be allowed to bowl a maximum of 20% of the overs played.

Points System

Winners of each league games will be awarded 2 points and the team losing zero points. A draw due to rain or other weather event will result in each team being awarded one point. At the end of the round robin stage, the top four teams with the highest standing will enter the play offs. The table toppers will play the fourth seeded team and the second place team will play the third place team in the semifinals. The winning teams from each of the semi-final games will contest for the season’s championship.

Play Offs Eligibility:

For a player to be eligible to participate in the play offs, he should have played at least five(5) games at a minimum in the league stages. Players who have played only four games or less are NOT eligible to participate in the play offs.

Minimum Players in a Game

A minimum of seven (7) players are required to constitute a game. In the absence of seven players the team that is short will be penalized by awarding the match to the opposing team.

Group Classification

The City of Toronto offers several avenues for young and aspiring cricketers. There is a growing number of passionate cricketers who do not get an opportunity to participate in these leagues and compete with the younger generation. In order to create a level playing field and allow participation across all age groups, TCCC mandates that in every playing XI, a maximum of three (3) players can be below the age of twenty-eight (28) years will be allowed in a game. All other players in the playing XI must be 28 years of age or older. The cut-off date for this age qualification is Dec 31, 2015. In other words, for a player to qualify as a 28+ player, he has to have a birthdate of Dec 31, 1987 or earlier. Any player that does not qualify as a 28+ player, will automatically be considered a “youth” player i.e. below 28 years of age.

At the start of each match, the Captain will submit the Match Sheet as usual to the Umpire. From the 11 + 1 = 12 names listed on the match sheet, a maximum of three (3) players can be “youth” players. These two names will be clearly indicated by the Captain on the match sheet by writing the word “youth” next to that player’s name. No team will be permitted to have more than three (3) youth players in the 12 names submitted on a match sheet. All age verifications will be carried out in tandem with the team captains and managers at the start of the season as part of the registration process.

This will be implanted as a honor system. If any teams captain believes that the opposing team has contravened this provision, they will raise a written complaint with the TCCC Board and secretary. At no time will the captains or players attempt to stop the game from proceeding further. The board will review the matter and decided on a appropriate course of action for any team that is found guilty of breaking this rule.

12th Man Rule

TCCC Tournament will enable the 12th man to play as a substitute, based on the following guidelines:

At the start of each match, the Captain while submitting the Match Sheet as usual to the Umpire will list 11 + 1 = 12 names on the match sheet, one player will be designated as the 12th man on the Match Sheet. Alternatively, the Captain can choose to list only 11 names on the Match Sheet and not have a 12th man. The 12th man will be allowed to field as a substitute during the game, in any position, except wicket-keeper. The fielding Captain will inform the Umpire before swapping a fielder with the 12th man; and before swapping back the 12th man for the fielder. The Captain does not have to provide the Umpire with any reason for doing so.

In addition, the 12th man can bowl during the match at any time in the innings. Captains will have be judicious in the use of their 12th man. If one of the 11 players leaves the field or does not take to the field, he cannot bowl until he returns and fields for the same number of overs that he was off for. Similarly, if during the first inning, any player leaves the field during the last few overs, he cannot come in to bat until the same numbers of overs have been bowled.

The 12th man cannot bat or keep wickets.


TCCC Board will nominate a panel of umpires to officiate in the league matches. These umpires are paid professionals and are accountable for officiating the games in a neutral and non-controversial manner. The umpire’s decision on the field is final. All teams should strictly adhere to this guideline. Any form of protest on the field will be treated as dissent and the TCCC board shall have the right to take appropriate action. In order to keep costs manageable, each team should provide an individual as a leg-umpire for their innings while they are batting. When in doubt leg umpires are required to consult the main umpire for any decisions.


Our officials’ (Umpire & Scores) provide their availability to the league in advance. The Umpires and Scoress do get paid according the schedule. Should there be a cancellation, the league is supposed to provide a 24 hours’ notice to the Umpire and Scores. Therefore, it is strongly recommend, that any change or cancellation is to be conveyed with minimum of 24 hours – time frame. In case of sudden cancellation, officials are to be paid, as planned and TCCC will levy $145CAD on the defaulting team. In case both teams default, the costs will be split equally.


TCCC has subscribed to CRICHQ for keeping the scores since 2016. Additionally, since 2017 TCCC introduced official leg umpires who will also keep scorers during the match paid by the league. The Scoress will be accountable for accurate scoring during a match. It is encouraged that the playing teams keep tabs on the scoring on paper or other means and notify any discrepancies to the leg umpire/Scorer.


TCCC board will be introducing a pink cricketing ball for this season. Every innings will start with a new ball and will last for 25 overs. TCCC will be supplying balls for all the games. These balls are the property of the league. The teams should return these balls to the umpire at the end of each innings. TCCC encourages the teams to label and save these balls. When a ball is damaged beyond the usual or lost during the course of an innings, these used balls that are labelled and saved should be made available to the umpires by the teams.

When a ball is lost in the first 5 overs, the fielding team will notify the umpire and provide a second new ball. Beyond 5 overs, teams are expected to use old balls.


At the start of the season every team will submit a roster of 30 individuals that the board will register. Captains must submit their playing eleven and 12th man from this roster of registered players. There is no limit on the number of “Youth Players” that can be registered in the roster, subject to the rule that no more than three (3) players will be allowed in any given game. No player who is not registered on this roster can participate in any matches. Teams will have to forgo/forfeit the game if it is known/discovered that a non-registered player has played in a game.

Should the umpire or the opposing captains discover that a player not registered as part of the roster has participated in a match, either of them can officially submit a written complaint to the President and Secretary of the TCCC board. The board will carry out a due diligence process and if it is established that a team was indeed guilty of playing a non-registered player, then the TCCC President/Secretary will award the game to the opposing team and impose a fine of $50 per offence. A repeated offence could result in striking the team off the league.


A typical season consists of 14 weekends. The Board Secretary will publish a match schedule for the entire season by April 30th 2018. Teams are expected to prepare and be available to play accordingly. When a team doesn’t show up, in addition to forfeiting the game, losing 2 points, a financial penalty of $50 will be levied. All league matches unless otherwise communicated will commence at 7.30 AM and will be completed by 11.30 AM. There will be a 10 min break between innings.

Captains are expected to be available at the ground at 7.20AM with their respective match sheets for the game. Captains will hand over the match sheet to the umpire by 7.20 AM. No changes to the match sheet will be allowed once the game has commenced. Location of all the games will be at Centennial Park Grounds A & B, Etobicoke, ON.

Location of all the games will be at Centennial Park Grounds A & B, Etobicoke, ON.


One of the teams for every weekend will be designated as home team. The responsibilities of the home team are to clearly mark the boundaries with visibly bright colored cones, set the stumps on the pitch before commencement of the toss. The home team will be responsible for removing the stumps and the boundary markers/cones upon conclusion of the match.


During the course of the match, the Captains are expected to report any issues and/or concerns to the Umpire. The Umpire’s decision will be final. However, should there be a further need to escalate, please send in a written complaint providing details of the issue at hand addressed to The President & Secretary of the board. Participating captains can lodge a complaint against any umpiring decisions if they deem necessary. All such complaints will be directed to the President and Secretary of the board. The TCCC board will evaluate these complaints and respond appropriately.


Annual Fees

The annual fees is $3000. From time to time the board will review the costs of running the league and notify the team managers and captains of any changes proposed to be introduced to the fees structure. Adequate notice will be given prior to any changes being implemented.


TCCC Board will review the membership of every participating team once in two years. Upon the review by the board, the membership will be renewed for a further two years. Should the Board decide to withdraw membership, adequate notice will be given to the affected teams.


Players, captains, managers and officials of all participating teams are expected to maintain the spirit and decorum of the game of Cricket at all times during the tournament. TCCC would like to promote a culture of inclusiveness, diversity, friendship and family oriented fun. It is not uncommon for friends, family and kids to join in the proceedings as spectators during the matches. TCCC will strictly implement and observe this code of conduct should participants violate any of the below clauses or indulge in appropriate behavior would take necessary steps to maintain this decorum.

Physical Violence

TCCC expects players to maintain a calm demeanor at times when passions are high and things get out of control during a game. Any physical violence will absolutely not be tolerated. Any participant member/player involved in Physical violence will be expelled from the league and not be allowed to participate in any future league activities. Additionally the matter will be reported to the local Police authorities which may lead to charges of assault and others by the Police.

Use of Foul Language or Swearing

Use of foul language or swearing during a match is prohibited. When any such incident is reported to the board, after due diligence the board will review the seriousness and gravity of the situation and may expel such players and/or suspend them from further participation in the league.

Umpiring Decisions

TCCC Board will endeavor to hire the best available umpires to officiate during the league matches. As such the officiating umpires for every match will be wholly and solely responsible for administering the matches. The umpire’s decisions are final and binding. Participating teams are advised against dissenting, protesting and/or challenging the umpire’s decisions on the field.

Umpires will provide a written complaint to the President and the Secretary of any such incident. TCCC board will review and after due diligence if they find that that a player/team indeed had indulged in such activities, then a suitable penalty will be levied which could be suspension from one or more games depending on the severity of the offence.

Clearing of Garbage

The Centennial Parks and Grounds are a protected area used by several constituents from the Greater Toronto Area. It is not uncommon for the grounds to be occupied after the morning matches by other leagues and teams. It is our desire to keep these grounds as clean as possible and hand it over to the leagues following our matches in a clean, playing condition.

To this effect, the captains and managers of respective teams are responsible and accountable to get the garbage (snacks, bottles, paper etc.) cleared and binned in bins that are made available for this purpose. Non-Compliance of this condition can result in a fine up to $50 per incident.

Team Uniform & Protection

All participating teams are expected to wear a colored uniform of their choice. Additionally, the teams are expected to carry and use their own protective equipment such as batting pads, batting gloves, helmets and abdominal guards. Umpires are empowered to refuse a player from batting or fielding in close in positions without adequate protection.

It is important to note that this season the league will be introducing “pink” colored leather balls. As such pads should be in contrasting colors other than pink. Color of the uniform can be anything but pink.

Consumption of Alcohol on the Field

Consumption of alcohol during the course of a match is strictly prohibited. Any such activity if reported to the Board will be dealt with strictly. Offenders may be fined up to $50 and/or suspended for one or more games.


Matters that do not fall in any of the above sub-sections on the code of conduct will be dealt with as an exception by the Board.


From time to time, the board will notify the captains and managers about various matters pertaining to the league via emails. Should the board seek written responses from captains and managers, the Board expects them to promptly respond to such emails and notifications within the specified time limits. No reminders will be sent. Non responses will be treated as acceptance.


Periodically (at least twice or thrice a year), TCCC Board will invite the captains and managers to attend meetings in person to discuss and/or communicate matters pertaining to the league. The captains and managers are expected to attend these meetings. Adequate notice will be given prior to the meetings. The TCCC Board will communicate the brief agenda and other logistical information for these meetings.


TCCC Board conducts an annual meet and Gala event. Typically such events are either held at the end of the season on the Centennial Grounds or at a designated conference/banquet hall in the GTA. We encourage the participation of families and friends. The purpose of this event is to felicitate our sponsors and key stakeholders, to encourage families and friends to participate in a fun filled event, Distribution of various trophies and prizes for the season.

The Board expects participation from all the teams. The Board may call on the participating teams for volunteers to be a part of the organizing committee. Being a not for profit organization, the Board typically does not charge for participation exceptions being when we DO NOT have adequate sponsors to cover our costs.


All participating teams and officiating umpires and Scoress will sign a waiver form indemnifying the TCCC league and the board against any injuries that they may have on the field during the course of the matches. All participating teams and officiating umpires and Scoress will sign a waiver form indemnifying the TCCC league and the board against any injuries that they may have on the field during the course of the matches. Indemnification forms will be provided to each team in due course to sign and return to the President of the Board.


Captains and Managers will be required to fill up the membership form that will be provided in due course before the start of the season. This information will be submitted to Parks department.


From time to time the Board will make necessary changes to these rules of engagement and format of the game to align and adapt to changing circumstances. All such matters will be presented to the participating team managers and captains for feedback and review. On all such matters the Board’s decision will be final. Teams not in concurrence will have the option to exit the league without prejudice.